Ross Law Advisors
Value and Billing

We recognize that legal services are not inexpensive, and we are sensitive to our client’s desire for cost effective representation. We commit to bring value to every transaction and to meet our client’s legal needs in an efficient, productive and practical manner.

Flat Fees

Traditionally law firms have billed by the hour. The more time spent on the file, the greater the cost. The more bumps in the road, the greater the cost. We are willing to take the uncertainty out of most transactions by offering our clients a flat fee option. With a flat fee, we agree to the scope of the legal service to be provided and the fee for that service. Both the client and the law firm risk that they would have been better off under a traditional hourly billing option in exchange for the certainty of the fee to be paid or received. The flat fee will cover the normal issues and complications that are associated with the legal service offered.

Unit Billing

We also often offer our clients the option of picking and choosing the particular legal service instead of full representation. An example of this would be where a buyer would chose to hire the law firm to have just a real estate consultation to answer the questions they might have regarding the transaction they are contemplating and either decide not to go forward with the transaction or feel comfortable proceeding with the transaction without further legal representation. The client may decide that they need a consultation and a review of the closing documents but nothing more.

Hourly Billing

We are always willing to represent our clients on an hourly basis.